Awesome React UI Libraries

Collection of React UI libraries that I refer to when creating creating my own components.

GraphQL: Schema First vs Code First approaches

There are 2 main approaches to build a GraphQL Server (Schema First and Code First). Both options are good, but they have pros and cons that we will cover in this post.

Database, Table and Column naming conventions

A naming conversion is a set of rules you should use to increase the readability of your data models.

Moving from PHP with Laravel to React and NodeJS

This article aims to share my personal experience and reasons for moving from PHP with Laravel to React and NodeJS.

Must to have VSCode extensions for Front-end Developers

List of the best and most generic extensions that every Front-end developer need to have installed in VSCode.

Image Optimization, Processing and Hosting

Hosting images and processing them is quite complicated. It involves many elements to do this correctly and to be sure it scales with your website.

Tailwind CSS vs Styled-components

Are you considering using Tailwind CSS rather than Styled-components or another CSS in JS solution? In this post you will learn the advantages and disadvantages of each approach.

How to migrate from Laravel to NodeJS

Learn what are the alternatives to each Laravel framework feature in the Node.JS ecosystem

React Components File Structure

Recommended file structures to organize your react components.

GraphQL Schema Best Practices

Find here the best practice for creating maintainable Graphql Schemas that your team or even you can follow.