Who am I?

My name is Rodrigo Ramirez, I'm a Full-stack developer, entrepreneur, and Argentinian. I have been living in Tokyo, Japan since 2014.

What can I do?

I have experience as a project manager leading different types of projects and team sizes. I use Agile methodology and adapt the process depending on the project and resources available.

As a developer, I have more than 7 years of experience with PHP + Laravel. In my last 4 years, I have been working with React + Node.JS.

I don't limit myself just as a developer. I am also interested in UI/UX and Marketing. I always try to keep myself updated with the latest trends.

One of my strongest points is my broad knowledge of different fields such as Programming, Marketing, Design, Project Management, etc. that allow me to communicate better with different teams in order to achieve the company goals.

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