How to migrate from Laravel to NodeJS

If you are evaluating how to start using NodeJS instead of Laravel for your next project, or you are just trying to migrate your website made with Laravel to NodeJS, this post is for you.


Learn what the alternatives to each Laravel framework feature in the NodeJS ecosystem are.


Unlike PHP, which counts with many popular frameworks such as Laravel, Symfony, etc.; In the NodeJS world, developers like more freedom. They use minimalist frameworks like "express" to manage their routes and middleware. All the rest is up to them, adding the packages they need for the specific project they are working on.


The popular frameworks for NodeJS are:


Express example app:

import express from 'express';

const app = express();
const port = 3000;

app.get('/', (req, res) => {
  res.send('Hello World!');

app.get('/users', (req, res) => {
	res.json([{ username: 'Rodrigo' }, { username: 'Julio' }]);

app.listen(port, () => {
  console.log(`Example app listening at http://localhost:${port}`);


The way of sending emails from NodeJS apps is to use one of the NPM packages from an email service; most of them have their NodeJS version.


Tip: I recommend to create your own wrapper and avoid using the packages directly. It will provide you flexibility in the future to switch services.


Popular email service packages:


Mailing example implementation:

// ---------------------
// mail.js
// ---------------------

import mailgun from 'mailgun-js';

const MAILGUN_DOMAIN = '';

const mailgun = mailgun({apiKey: MAILGUN_KEY, domain: MAILGUN_DOMAIN});

const mail = {

	send: (options={}) => {
		const defaultOptions = {
			  from: 'Excited User <>',
			  to: '',
			mailgun.messages().send({...defaultOptions, ...options} , function (error, body) {


export default mail;

// ---------------------
// CreateUser.js
// ---------------------

import mail from './utils/mail';

function CreateUser(data){
	// ...
		subject: "Welcome to ServiceName",
		body: "..."


When it comes to validations, my favorite NPM package is Yup , the way of doing the validations is different from Laravel, but it's very powerful and flexible.



Yup example:

import * as yup from 'yup';

// create a validation schema
const schema = yup.object().shape({
  name: yup.string().required(),
  age: yup.number().required().positive().integer(),
  email: yup.string().email(),

// validate your data with the schema
try {


There are many ORMs solutions for NodeJS; most of them have similar APIs. I will list here the most popular libraries and my recommendation.



In the case of translations, you can opt for a robust library or create your own. Some packages could be complicated to set up and may require additional packages to make them work. In the case of simple projects, try using a simples solution.


Popular packages are:



When it comes to Job/Tasks queue for Node.JS, I only have experience with one library. It's very popular and simple to implement.



import Queue from 'bee-queue';

const queueConfig = {
  getEvents: false,
  isWorker: false,
  // ...

// init Queue
const emailQueue = new Queue('EMAIL_DELIVERY', queueConfig);

// add Job to Queue
emailQueue.createJob({template:"welcome", userId: 1}).save();

// process Job
emailQueue.process( async (job) => {
  console.log(`Sending ${} to UserId ${}`);
  return mail.send(...);

Image manipulation

There are a few ways to implement image manipulations on your application. My recommendation would be to rely on a service that handles all the complicated processes for you.

In case you need to implement this on your own, please take a look at the following recommendations




import sharp from 'sharp';

  .then( data => { ... })
  .catch( err => { ... });


Authentication is a big topic with many security implications. Normally you will create NodeJS APIs that will relay on sessions or tokens. You could use a package or create a custom middleware to handle the authentication.

Popular services and packages:



About testing Node.JS application, I have only one option to recommend you. jest

It's very powerful, and you can find many tutorials and examples on the internet.



This one is one of my favorites topics and one reason for moving to the Node.JS world. Using express, you can create REST endpoints very quickly. Or implement a GraphQL server with the help of Apollo.






With the help of express or a similar framework. Creating middleware for your application is very simple.

import express from 'express';
const app = express();

app.use( (req, res, next) => {
	console.log('Request URL:', req.originalUrl);



// ...

more info about middleware with express



You will find many packages to do similar stuff like Laravel. Pick the one that is just right for your current project. Consider the Github repository's stars and how easy it is to implement.